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Here's What Science Says About You if You Have a Fear of Friday the 13th


 It's Friday the 13th, and since Halloween is just a few weeks away, this one feels just a little more meaningful.  So if you're uneasy today, listen up.  I've got a list of five things science says about you if you fear Friday the 13th . . .


1.  Your fear has a name.  The fear of Friday the 13th is called frigg-a-tri-skai-dek-a-phobia.  And if you're afraid of the number 13 in general, that's tri-skai-dek-a-phobia.


2.  You might be scared about what you can't control.  That's why so many people alter their plans today, to try to avoid being unlucky.


3.  If you're a little on edge today, you're normal.  Having a ritual like not walking under a ladder or avoiding black cats today is silly . . . but it's probably not indicative of any sort of mental illness.


4.  If you're SUPER anxious though, it could be a problem.  If you stay in bed all day in fear that anything you do will be cursed, there might be some deeper issues at play.


5.  You're disrupting the economy.  It's estimated that around $900 MILLION is lost in business every Friday the 13th . . . from all the people who decide not to fly, go to work, or leave their house at all. 


(Reader's Digest / National Geographic)

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