Stranded Family Was Rescued by the Harry Potter Train

A Stranded Family Was Rescued by the Harry Potter Train


These people got their kids lost in the middle of nowhere, and STILL ended up looking like the coolest parents ever . . .


Jon and Helen Cluett went on vacation to a remote part of Scotland last week with their four kids . . . ages 6, 8, 10, and 12.  And they took a canoe across a lake to stay in a tiny cottage for a night.  Apparently they're an adventurous bunch.


But then overnight, the water came up and washed away their canoe.  So their only way out was a long walk through a swamp. 


Luckily they had a cell signal though.  So they decided to call for help instead.  And check out how they got rescued . . .


It turned out there were some train tracks about a quarter-mile away.  And the next train that was scheduled to pass by was the one from the HARRY POTTER movies.


In the movies, it's the train they take to school each year called the Hogwarts Express.  There's a replica of it you can ride at Universal Studios in Orlando.


In real life, the train is called The Jacobite, and does sightseeing tours.  The cops got in touch with the conductor, and had the train make an extra stop to pick them up.  



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