Are These the Best Bands from Every State?

Are These the Best Bands from Every State? has a list of 'The Best Band from Every State,' and naturally, there's bound to be a LOT of controversy over it . . . based on individual taste, as well as debates over which states can claim which bands.


And no one wants to be embarrassed . . . like New Yorkers wouldn't want THEIR state to be represented by the SPIN DOCTORS.  No one would.  And thankfully, the Spin Doctors did NOT make this list, because they are objectively terrible.


As for the rules, the site says, quote, "The band must have been formed in or primarily based in the state . . . lots of groups MOVE to Los Angeles, Nashville, or New York City after scoring a record deal, but they're not from those cities . . .


"Only groups, not individual artists, are considered.  This admittedly skews the list away from hip-hop and country."


And, quote, "These are not simply OUR favorite bands from every state . . . we considered . . . historical significance, influence, popularity, and 'quality.'"


Here are 20 of the best ones:


1.  Alaska:  Portugal. The Man


2.  Arizona:  Meat Puppets


3.  California:  The Beach Boys


4.  Delaware:  George Thorogood and the Destroyers


5.  Florida:  Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers


6.  Georgia:  Outkast


7.  Illinois:  Earth, Wind & Fire


8.  Indiana:  Jackson 5


9.  Iowa:  The Everly Brothers


10.  Kansas:  Kansas


11.  Kentucky:  My Morning Jacket


12.  Minnesota:  Prince and the Revolution


13.  Mississippi:  Rae Sremmurd


14.  Nevada:  The Killers


15.  New Jersey:  Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band


16.  New York:  Television


17.  Ohio:  The Isley Brothers


18.  Pennsylvania:  The Roots


19.  Texas:  Destiny's Child


20.  Wisconsin:  Garbage


Hit up for the whole list, along with brief write-ups for every state. 

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