#Trending - Friday, October 20th, 2017

Stupid New Fashion Alert: "Thong Jeans" Are Jeans That Are Cut Up So Much They Basically Don't Cover Anything


It feels like 2017 has seen more fashion designers make STUPID JEANS than any other year combined.  We've seen totally crotchless jeans . . . jeans with a buttcrack exposing zipper . . . and "double jeans" that look like one pair tucked into another.


And here's the latest.  A fashion designer in Japan just debuted "thong jeans."  It looks like she took a pair of jeans and basically cut out the ENTIRE legs and crotch area.


 So all that's left is the waistband, the cuffs around the ankles, a few straps of denim connecting them, and, of course, a tiny strip of denim that looks like a thong.  If you really want them, you're basically just a pair of scissors away. 



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