A Soldier Painting His House, Got Deployed, College Kids to the Rescue

A Soldier Was Painting His House When He Got Deployed, So a Bunch of College Kids Finished It for Him


 A guy in the Kansas National Guard named William Cookson recently started painting his house, but got deployed to Kuwait before he could finish.


Someone at his local chamber of commerce heard about it though.  Then they got in touch with the teachers at a nearby technical college, who told their students about it.  And EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM wanted to help.


About 40 students showed up at his house to paint it for him, and their teachers supervised.


Local businesses donated all the paint and supplies they needed, so it didn't cost William a dime.


A student named Austin Workman told a local news station that he and his classmates don't have a lot of money, but they do have time.  So they thought it was a great way to thank him for his service. 



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