Tuesday Morning Moron Award 10/31/17

A Guy Calls 911 When He Finds a Stranger Dressed as a Clown Sleeping in His House


 I have a feeling this isn't going to be the only clown who gets arrested this Halloween.  There's just something that attracts the most unsettling people to that costume.


A guy in Marlboro, Vermont woke up around 3:30 A.M. on Sunday and heard some noises in his spare bedroom.


And when he went to check it out, he found it was straight out of a nightmare:  A random CLOWN had broken into his house and was asleep.


The guy called 911, and the cops came and arrested the clown . . . who turned out to be a 43-year-old guy named Sean Barber.


He also happened to have cocaine on him, so he was arrested for unlawful trespassing and cocaine possession.   


(The Smoking Gun


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