#Trending - Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

You Should Eat All of Your Halloween Candy in One Sitting, According to a Dentist


 So here's something you wouldn't expect to hear from a medical professional:  Instead of eating a reasonable piece or two of Halloween candy every day, you should just sit down and mow through ALL OF IT RIGHT NOW.


Anna Berik is a dentist in Boston.  And her advice is to eat ALL of your Halloween candy in one sitting.


Why?  Quote, "It's less cavity-causing than spreading that candy out over the next three months and having sugar in your mouth day after day after day."


Obviously it's not great for your health in ANY other way, though.  So if you MUST use portion control and self-restraint, here's her advice:  Brush your teeth after every single piece. 




(And here's a list of five foods that are just as bad for your teeth as candy, according to a different dentist.)

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