Tuesday Morning Moron Award 11/07/17

Is Anything Here Real? A Cop Poses as a John to Catch a Woman Posing as a Prostitute


  This might be the most existential prostitution bust we've ever seen.  Was any of it real?


The cops in Ocala, Florida got word last week that a 27-year-old woman named April Forest was posing as a prostitute.  Apparently when clients would show up, she and a guy who was posing as her pimp would rob them at gunpoint.


So the cops found her ads online, and then set up an undercover sting to try to catch her. 


And last Thursday, one of the cops posed as a john to go meet April who was posing as a hooker.


But she and her partner, a 32-year-old guy named Lee Hall, got spooked and drove off.  And he threw a weapon out of his car . . . which turned out to be a toy gun.


Eventually, the fake john caught up with the fake hooker and her fake pimp, who'd just gotten rid of his fake gun.


Since they hadn't had any fake sex, April couldn't be arrested for prostitution, but she WAS busted on an outstanding warrant, and Lee was arrested for driving with a suspended license.  


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