Couple Who Love Olive Garden Name Their Daughter "Olivia Garton"

A Couple Who Love Olive Garden Are Naming Their Daughter "Olivia Garton"


This HAS to be worth a few free breadsticks, right?


There's a couple in Fort Smith, Arkansas named Justin and Jordin Garton, and they're about to have a daughter.  She's due in a few weeks, and they've decided to name her Olivia.  And with their last name Garton, that makes her Olivia Garton.


The Gartons say they ARE huge Olive Garden fans, but the name is just a coincidence. 


But for a coincidence, they're REALLY leaning into it . . . Justin announced the name last week by tweeting a baby onesie with the Olive Garden logo that says "Olivia Garton" instead.


And if you're wondering, Olive Garden has already heard about the name and they tweeted that they want to send Olivia a gift. 


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