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Five Stats About Our Cyber Monday Shopping Habits


 We spent over $5 billion ONLINE on Black Friday this year, which is a new record.  And Cyber Monday will be even bigger, at an estimated $6.6 billion.  That would make it the biggest online shopping day in U.S. history.


Obviously a lot of that shopping will happen at WORK.  Here are five stats about Cyber Monday, and how we plan to shop . . .


1.  41% of workers said they spent at least an hour shopping at work on Cyber Monday last year.  And 23% plan to spend MORE time shopping today than they did in 2016.


2.  43% of workers said their boss is totally fine with them online shopping at work . . . or at least they think so.  31% said they're not sure.  26% said it's definitely NOT okay.


3.  The most popular time to shop online at work today is during lunch, followed by whenever you have free time . . . and first thing in the morning.  1% said they'll do the majority of their shopping during boring meetings and conference calls.


4.  Apparently Cyber Monday is much more popular with YOUNGER people.  Only 14% of people who plan to buy something today are 45 or older. 


5.  One in 20 people said they were planning on SKIPPING work today, so they could focus 100% on shopping. 


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