#Trending - Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Upside-Down Christmas Trees Are Becoming a Big Trend This Year


Feel like the entire world is turned upside-down?  Why not let your Christmas tree make that metaphor.


Apparently, UPSIDE-DOWN CHRISTMAS TREES are trendy this year.


You can either mount your tree to the ceiling so it hangs, or buy an artificial tree that's designed to stand upside-down.  Pretty much every store sells them now, from Home Depot to Target.


So what's the point?  Well, if you're into serious religious symbolism, the upside-down tree is big in central and Eastern Europe because people think it resembles the shape of Jesus on the cross.


Or if you're more into aesthetics, the upside-down tree shows off your ornaments better, because they're dangling into the air, not being covered up by thicker branches underneath. 


(Kansas City Star)


(And one more quick Christmas tree story:  A guy was pulled over in Massachusetts on Friday for carrying a Christmas tree on his car that was SO BIG it's impossible that he could see.  Here's a picture.)


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