Terminally Ill Dad Pre-Paid to Have Flowers Sent on Daughter's Birthday

A Terminally Ill Dad Pre-Paid to Have Flowers Sent on His Daughter's Birthday Each Year . . . Now His Final Note to Her Is Going Viral


A girl from Maryville, Tennessee named Bailey Sellers lost her dad Michael to pancreatic cancer five years ago, when she was 16.  And before he died, he pre-paid to have flowers sent to her every year on her BIRTHDAY.


She's gotten a bouquet and a note from him each of the last four years.  And it happened again on her 21st birthday this month.  But this time was different . . . because it turns out it's his FINAL note.


It starts with him saying it's the last one, because he doesn't want her to be sad for him anymore.  He says he's in a better place . . . tells her to always stay true to herself . . . and to always live life to the fullest.


She's a student at East Tennessee State University now.  And after she shared the letter with her friends on Twitter last Friday, it blew up.  In five days, it's been re-tweeted over 360,000 times, and racked up 1.5 MILLION likes.


She says she always looked forward to her birthday, because she knew she'd get another letter from him.  So the fact that this is the last one is kind of heartbreaking. 


But she's gotten thousands of responses from people supporting her, and says her dad would be proud to know that his last letter touched so many people. 


(CBS News)


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