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The First Text Message Was Sent 25 Years Ago Sunday . . . Now They're All We Use


 On December 3rd, 1992 . . . which is exactly 25 years ago on Sunday . . . an engineer in England sent a message from his computer to his friend's cell phone.  It said "Merry Christmas."  And it was the first text message EVER.


And now, just two-and-a-half decades later, I'm not sure if we could exist without them.  Here are some results from a survey on where texting stands 25 years after it was invented . . .


1.  80% of adults and 91% of teenagers send at least one message every day.


2.  Half of people say messaging has pretty much replaced ALL of their other forms of communication.


3.  67% of people text more than they did two years ago.


4.  56% of us have sent a text just using emojis, and 57% have responded to a message just using a gif.


5.  And those things have crossed the final frontier, too:  Old people.  77% of people over 55 use emojis, and 53% have used a gif. 


(EDN / PR Newswire)

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