Someone Bought All the Toys at Goodwill Store & Gave Them Away to Kids

Someone Bought All the Toys at a Goodwill Store and Gave Them Away to Kids


A bunch of families were at a Goodwill store in Fort Collins, Colorado on Saturday when an employee got on the intercom and announced that every single kid got to pick out a FREE TOY.


Someone wrote a big check to buy ALL the toys in the store.  So every kid who came in that day got one.  And this isn't the first time it's happened.


The same guy has been doing it every year for almost a DECADE, and never reveals his name.


The employees know about it beforehand, and set extra toys aside to make sure they have enough.  Each kid can either choose a toy, a stuffed animal, or a children's book.


A guy named Todd Wakefield was the manager of the store the first year it happened, and works at the corporate office now.  But he made a point to come back for it this year, because it's such a cool day.


They didn't reveal how much the guy who does it spends each year.  But he doesn't want any credit for it.  He says he just likes to give back. 


(The Coloradoan)

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