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How Legos Helps Ed Sheeran Write Songs

Ed Sheeran certainly had a huge hit this year with “Shape of You," and it turns out it wasn’t that hard for him to write. Ed and his songwriting partners Johnny McDaid, from Snow Patrol, and Steve Mac, discuss the making of the song with the “New York Times” and apparently, he can credit some of the song’s success to Legos.

“The best songs that I’ve ever written, I don’t really remember writing,” Ed tells the paper. “They take like 20 minutes and then they’re just done. And then you move on to the next thing.” McDaid notes, “Ed writes like nobody else in the world. He has a picture of the song in his mind before he’s even articulated it.” 

But McDaid does acknowledge that Ed can be easily distracted, but he’s figured out just how to solve the problem and keep him focused, and that’s where the Legos come in. “His attention span can be fairly low,” McDaid shares. “One of the things I did to try and keep him in the room when I would be working on a track, I’d have like a suitcase full of Legos I’d pull into the hotel room and say, ‘There you go. You build that.'”

Regardless, “Shape of You” came together pretty easy, as Mac notes, “It was the best hour-and-a-half of my life.” Check out the video of discussing the song here.

Source: New York Times

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