Tuesday Morning Moron Award 1/02/18

A Hair Stylist Is Accused of Intentionally Shaving a Giant "Three Stooges" Bald Strip Down the Middle of a Client's Head


  So THIS is what happens if you get into a fight with your barber in the middle of a haircut and he decides to get revenge.


A 22-year-old guy in Madison, Wisconsin was getting his hair cut last week.  His stylist is a 46-year-old guy named Khaled Shabani.


Well . . . during the haircut, Khaled got upset at the guy for fidgeting and moving around, so he twisted the guy's ear.  Then things got worse.


 Khaled nicked the guy's ear with his scissors . . . then he took his clipper and ran it down the MIDDLE of the guy's head.  So, basically, the guy was left with a reverse Mohawk . . . or hair that looked kind of like Larry from "The Three Stooges".


The guy called the cops.  And it's not illegal to give a bad haircut . . . but nicking the guy's ear with the scissors was.  So Khaled got a ticket for disorderly conduct. 


(Wisconsin State Journal)


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