Our North Dakota Moron Award Winner

A Shoplifter Gets Busted When His Shopping Cart of Stolen Stuff Gets Stuck in the Snow


 It's too cold right now to commit crimes.  And here's proof.


A 22-year-old shoplifter named Dustin Johnson went to a Hobby Lobby in Minot, North Dakota on Wednesday . . . and he spent seven HOURS in the store, filling up his cart with stuff.


When it was finally full, he headed outside and tried to run away.  But it was less than 10 degrees outside at the time, and the cart got stuck in the SNOW.


So he wound up leaving it and just trying to get away.


But he slipped on the ice and his wallet fell out of his pocket.  The cops found it and used it to track him down at his house and arrest him. 


(Grand Forks Herald / Weather Underground)


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