Did Jim and Dwight from "The Office" get our Moron Award??

Two Guys Who Look Like Jim and Dwight from "The Office" Are Arrested For Robbery


It would've made a hell of a spin-off from "The Office" if Jim and Dwight had teamed up for a life of crime.


The police in Huntington, West Virginia arrested two guys on Friday for a string of robberies at restaurants and gas stations around town.


And the guys look kind of like John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson . . . who played Jim and Dwight on "The Office".


31-year-old Justin Albert is one of the guys, and he sort of looks like Jim, at least based on the hair.  But 39-year-old Kenneth Dean Jr. is the other, and he's a DEAD RINGER for Dwight.


They're both facing armed robbery charges. 


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