David Schwimmer Starring in Skittles Super Bowl Ad No One Will See

David Schwimmer Is Starring in the Skittles Super Bowl Ad That No One Will See


DAVID SCHWIMMER is starring in the Skittles Super Bowl commercial that NO ONE will see.  Well, no one except some random teenager.


If you haven't heard, the Skittles ad won't air during the game.  Instead, a teenager from Canoga Park, California will be the only one to see it.  But viewers will be able to watch his REACTION to it through a livestream on Facebook.


Skittles has released four 15-second 'teasers' featuring David.  In one, there's a talking sandwich . . . there's one where David is adrift in space . . . there's another where he's a weird monster with glowing eyes . . . and one where he's a puppet's puppet


They're all pretty weird.  In each video, he questions whether what you're seeing is an actual scene from the ad.  Of course, for all we know, NONE of them are.


Skittles claims that no one else will EVER see the ad . . . not even David Schwimmer.  Do you think they'll keep their word . . . or will this thing end up online a couple days after the game?  Discuss.  (People)

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