Woman Wears a Miniskirt in Minus-40 Degree....What Could Go Wrong??

A Woman Wears a Miniskirt in Minus-40 Degree Weather and Gets Frostbite on Both Legs


It's too cold to be sexy.


A college student in Astana, Kazakhstan was going out last week, and she wore a miniskirt . . . even though it was MINUS-40 DEGREES outside.


Minus-40 is actually the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit . . . it's the one place where the temperature scales intersect.  I'm not sure that woman really cares, but hey, it's good trivia.


Anyway, she had tights on, but it wasn't enough . . . and she wound up getting serious FROSTBITE on both of her thighs.


And now doctors have released a picture to warn other people to, you know, dress warmer when it's freezing outside. 



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