How to Get Your TV Ready for the Super Bowl

Here's How to Get Your TV Ready for the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is on Sunday.  Here are four tips on how to get your TV ready so it looks and sounds its best . . .


1.  Make sure your cable box is up-to-date.  If your TV source is a cable or satellite box, it should be at least an HD receiver, but a 4K box is even better if you have a 4K TV.


2.  Use a newer HDMI cable and a solid Internet connection.  If you're streaming the game, you'll need a fast and reliable Internet connection to make sure the broadcast is smooth and stutter-free.


3.  Tweak your levels.  Your TV's brightness and saturation levels might be turned up too high if you kept your TV's default settings.  Manufacturers like their televisions to "pop" in stores . . . but it might not look so good in your home. 


You might also need to tweak your TV's motion settings.  Depending on the TV, it might be called the "frame rate," "motion rate," or "hertz" . . . and for sports, a higher number is better.  If your TV has a "Sports" mode, go for that. 


4.  Get a sound system.  As TVs get thinner and thinner, the audio quality keeps going down too.  If you can't shell out for a surround sound system, a basic sound bar would still be a huge improvement over the speakers on your TV.


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