A Man Escapes From the Cops in Minnesota . . . But...

A Man Escapes From the Cops in Minnesota . . . But Then Calls Them For Help Because He's So Cold


It's definitely too cold to commit crimes right now.


A 33-year-old guy named Kenneth Shutes Jr. got pulled over in New Richmond, Minnesota last week.  He had a revoked license plus some weed on him, so he took off running.  And he actually got away from the cops.


There was just one big problem.  It was minus-8 degrees outside, and Kenneth ran into a swamp to hide.


So less than an hour later, he wound up CALLING the cops . . . on himself.


 He said he couldn't feel his legs in the cold, so he couldn't walk, and he needed them to rescue him.


They tracked him down in the frozen swamp and took him to the hospital.  Once he got all the feeling back in his legs, he was arrested. 


(Twin Cities Pioneer Press

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