#Trending - Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Today Is National Pi Day, Which Is Big For Math Nerds and People Who Like Pizza Discounts


 Today is March 14th . . . or 3/14 . . . also known as National Pi Day.  Because the number pi starts with 3.14.


And according to a new survey, 55% of Americans say they're planning to celebrate Pi Day.


43% will celebrate by eating actual pie, pizza, or another circular food.  16% of people will post about it on social media . . . and 15% will go for a 3.14-mile run.


The survey also found 11% of people say they're MATH NERDS . . . and 2% of them even have a pi tattoo.


One more thing.  If you want to celebrate by eating, there are a lot of chains offering Pi Day discounts.  You can get good discounts on pizza at Blaze Pizza, Pieology, Hungry Howie's, Whole Foods, and more. 


(National Today / Foodbeast)


(Here's a list of all the places offering discounts today.)

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