Guy Robbed a Bank With a Note....& Signed It With His Real Name

A Guy Robbed a Bank With a Note . . . and Signed It With His Real Name


See, THIS is why people should write more letters.  When you get too out of practice, you do stuff like this.


A 30-year-old guy named Glenn Flory from Marianna, Pennsylvania went into a bank earlier this month and ROBBED the place using a note.


The note said, quote, "Just give me the money and nothing else will happen."  And then . . . he signed his name under that.  Yes, his real name.


The teller gave him around $1,300 and called the cops.


They studied the surveillance tapes . . . and the signature . . . and figured out Glenn was behind the robbery.  And they tracked him down within four hours and arrested him. 



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