The Best Bar Conversations Happen After This Many Drinks....

The Best Bar Conversations Happen After 3.3 Beers . . . Here Are the Ten Things We Talk About


There's NO debate as riveting as a semi-drunk debate with your friends at a bar.  No offense, Abraham Lincolnand Stephen Douglas.


A new survey looked into our drunken bar arguments and found the BEST ones happen on Friday nights at approximately 7:52 P.M. . . . after 3.3 drinks . . . and when you're drinking beer, not wine or cocktails.


And here are the ten things we're most likely to talk about . . .


 1.  Old memories.


2.  Something completely random.


3.  TV shows.


4.  Funny stories.


5.  Gossip.


6.  The news.


7.  Movies.


8.  Music.


9.  Jokes.


10.  Sports. 


(Daily Mirror)

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