How Many People Will You Kiss Before You Discover "The One"?

How Many People Will You Kiss Before You Find "The One"?


Apparently, by the time you find your soulmate, you'll have oral herpes.


According to a new study, the average woman will kiss 22 people before they find "the one" . . . and the average man will kiss 25.


Here are some more results from the study . . .


1.  The average age when you meet the person you'll settle down with is 27.


2.  And that's after an average of five relationships that end badly.


3.  You'll be the one doing the dumping in three of those situations, and you'll cry after two of them.


4.  And 30% of single people have given up on finding their soulmate, but 45% are still holding out hope. 


(Daily Mirror)

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