Pink "People" Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman . . . Sort Of

Pink is "People" Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman . . . Sort Of


PINK has been named "People" magazine's Most Beautiful Woman for 2018.  Sort of.  The thing is, it's not the "MOST Beautiful" issue anymore.


They renamed it "The Beautiful Issue", in order to, quote, "make clear that [it's] not a beauty contest."  Still, she's on the cover, so she wins, right?


Pink's kids, 6-year-old Willow and 15-month-old Jameson, are on the cover with her, and she talks a lot about motherhood in the issue.  She says, quote, "The thing about parenting is you never know if anything you're doing is working." 


Still, she and her husband CAREY HART try not to take things too seriously . . . quote, "We laugh a lot.  It's all about our family unit and time spent together, and much less about external stuff."


One thing they do take seriously is trying to create a gender-neutral environment for the kids.  She says, quote, "I believe that a woman and a girl can do anything. And I believe that a boy can do anything.


"So I have boys that flip dirt bikes and I have boy friends that wear dresses.  It's all okay to me.  It's whatever floats your boat.  So that's the kind of house that we live in."


Pink appeared on "Ellen" yesterday via satellite, and said she "laughed out loud" when she found out she made the cover. 


She added, quote, "I feel more beautiful and I've decided that for the whole week that the magazine is out no one is allowed to look me directly in my eyes."


(Here's Pink's full video interview with "People".  And you can check out more "Beautiful Issue" coverage here.)



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