#Trending-Friday 4/20/18: Things Older People Do Better Than Millennials

Ten Things People in Their 60s Do Better Than Millennials


The next time a young person makes fun of you for not being on Snapchat or knowing what the word "turnt" means, ask them how many feet are in a yard.  There's a good chance they'll have no idea.  (It's three, by the way . . .)


According to a new survey, here are 10 practical things people over the age of 55 are much more likely to know than millennials . . .


1.  How to read a clock with minute and hour hands.  90% of older people are very confident doing it.  Only 61% of millennials are.


2.  How many feet are in a yard?  90% of older people were confident it's three feet, compared to just 21% of millennials.


3.  How to iron a shirt, 86% of older people compared to 52% of millennials.


4.  How to sew on a button.  84% to 41%.


5.  Multiplying two LOW numbers in your head, 79% compared to 41% of millennials.


6.  How to use the index in the back of a book, 77% compared to 35%.


7.  Spelling most words without a spellchecker, 72% compared to 39% of millennials.


8.  How to set a table properly, 70% to 39%.


9.  How to garden without killing all the plants, 66% to 22%.


10.  How long you can wait before fresh foods need to be thrown out.  63% of older adults say they know, compared to just 28% of millennials. 


(Daily Mail)

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