Woman Flying with Baby and Toddler Ended Up Next to the Nicest Guy Ever

A Woman Flying with a Baby and a Toddler Ended Up Next to the Nicest Guy Ever


A woman named Jessica Rudeen was flying from Kansas City to Charlotte earlier this month with her three-year-old daughter AND four-month-old son.  So basically the LAST person you'd want to sit next to on a flight.


Her daughter Caroline had a MELTDOWN after they boarded.  And the baby was screaming too.  But luckily, they ended up sitting next to the nicest guy EVER . . . a guy from Kansas named Todd Walker who looks like he's in his mid-50s. 


He offered to hold the baby while Jessica dealt with Caroline.  Then she needed to feed the baby.  So he switched gears and started talking to Caroline to keep her distracted.


But here's the amazing part.  He kept it up the ENTIRE FLIGHT . . . watched a movie with her . . . helped her color . . . and let her lean over him while he showed her stuff out the window.  So by the end of the flight, they were best buds.


At some point, Todd and Jessica realized they also had the same connecting flight from Charlotte to Wilmington.  So when they landed, they walked to the gate together.


Then before they boarded, he talked to someone at the desk . . . and asked them to change his seat so he could sit next to them AGAIN for the last leg of their trip.


Jessica says he told her he has two kids of his own, and someone helped his wife when she had to fly a while back.  So he was just trying to pay it forward.  


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