Beer Goggles Are Real....They May Be The Main Reason People Drink!

Beer Goggles Are Real . . . and They Might Be the Main Reason Anyone Drinks


I don't need to tell you beer goggles are real.  Your sketchy history of questionable decisions is enough proof.  But it might be more COMPLICATED than we realized.


According to a new study out of the University of Pittsburgh, beer goggles are real . . . and after even one drink, people start to seem more attractive.


But the researchers took it one step further . . . they believe that those beer goggles are the main REASON why people drink.


Quote, "Social interactions are improved when people are perceived as attractive . . . [so] alcohol's effects on perceptions of attractiveness may lead individuals to derive more rewards from social interactions while intoxicated."


In other words, it's more fun to hang out with people when you're drunk and they look good.  And that inspires you to keep going out and drinking. 


(Daily Mail)

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