#Trending-Tue 5/01/18: Do You Like Your Coworkers Because of Coffee Goggles

Do You Like Your Coworkers Because You're Seeing Them Through "Coffee Goggles"?


You probably get along pretty well with your coworkers . . . at least some of them.  And isn't that kind of weird?  Like, you obviously wouldn't be friends with them if you weren't FORCED to be together five days a week.


So here's a new theory on why most people get along well with their coworkers:  COFFEE GOGGLES.


That's right.  You know how beer goggles make you think people are more attractive?  According to a study out of the University of California at Davis, "coffee goggles" make you think people are BETTER than they actually are. 


The researchers say that when people drink coffee before a conversation, it helps them focus and makes them feel more positively about the people they're talking with.


That means you will probably get some decent work done as a group, and you'll feel good about each other as you're doing it. 



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