#Trending-Fri 5/18/18: You Have to Be This Far From Your Boss to Relax

You Have to Get 1,000 Miles Away from Your Boss Before You'll Really Relax on Vacation


If you really want to relax on vacation, plan to splurge on a plane ticket or a whole lot of gas.  Because a quick trip a few hours away might not do it . . .


A new study found the average person can't really relax and forget about work until they're at least 1,000 miles away from their boss.


One in five said they're more likely to check their email and answer work calls if they're closer than that.  And 41% said their boss is more likely to contact them if they're in the same time zone.


Over 50% of people said they've checked their work email from their hotel room during their vacation before.


Around 25% have checked it while hanging out by the pool. 


And 3% have even checked their work email while they were IN a swimming pool.


The top five work-related things we do on vacation are check our email . . . reply to an email . . . take a call from our boss . . . take a call from a colleague . . . and work on a project. 


(SWNS Digital)

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