#Trending-Mon 5/21/18: Oprah's Wardrobe Malfunction,More From Royal Wedding

Oprah's Wardrobe Malfunction and Other Royal Wedding Quick Hits


1.  OPRAH damn near created an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT.  Luckily, on Friday morning she realized her beige dress would have looked too WHITE on camera. 


So Stella McCartney's team worked through the night to come up with a nice peach-colored replacement.


2.  No pictures or video from Harry and Meghan's reception have made their way to the tabloids, but we do know that ELTON JOHN sang four songs:  "Your Song", "Circle of Life", "I'm Still Standing", and "Tiny Dancer".


That last one contains the phrase "L.A. lady", which might have been a nod to Meghan.  (Rolling Stone)


3.  Speaking of the reception, at around 7:00 P.M., somebody ordered a whole bunch of PIZZAS.


4.  One of the media's favorite storylines about the Royal Wedding was that it was probably the most unconventional of them all. 


Part of that had to do with AFRICAN-AMERCAN pastor Michael Curry, who gave a sermon about love, and even name-checked Martin Luther King Jr. 


(He even got his own Kenan Thompson impression on "SNL".  And here's a sketch about the Royal reception.)



5.  About 22.4 million crazy cat ladies in the U.S. watched the wedding across the six major networks that carried it.

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