#Trending-Tue 5/29/18: If You Want to Lose Weight, Walk and Chew Gum??

If You Want to Lose Weight, It's as Easy as . . . Walking and Chewing Gum?


Hopefully you've mastered the lost art of walking and chewing gum at the same time.


According to a new study out of Japan, if you want to LOSE WEIGHT, it could be as easy as chewing gum while you walk.


The researchers found that when people combined walking and chewing gum, their heart rates were higher, they used more energy . . . and lost more weight than if they just walked without gum.


 So what's the explanation?  They're not 100% sure, but they think it could be connected to something called "cardio-locomotor synchronization."


That's where your heartbeat syncs up with a repetitive movement . . . so by chewing gum, you get your heart up into the cardio zone and keep it there.  



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