Moron Award-She landed a $100,000 Job Using Someone Else's Resume, Then....

Some Lady Copied a LinkedIn Resume to Land a $100,000-a-Year Job . . . and Got 10 Years in Prison for Fraud


Lots of people embellish their resume.  Just maybe think twice about outright LIES.  And definitely don't do what this woman did . . .


Back in 2015, 41-year-old Cindy White landed a sweet job in human resources at a food company about 30 miles north of New Orleans.  But she wasn't actually qualified for it.


She found a woman on LinkedIn with a similar name . . . copied her entire résumé . . . passed it off as her own . . . and negotiated a starting salary of $95,000.


Among other things, her fake résumé said she went to Tulane, and got her master's degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


The funny part is she was good enough at her job to get promoted five months later.  And her pay got bumped up to $105,000 a year.  But she got canned about two months after that when someone realized what she did.  Then she got ARRESTED for fraud.


It turned out she'd also stolen the woman's Social Security number.  And last month, a judged sentenced her to TEN YEARS in prison.


At least three other companies have now come forward and said she pulled similar stunts with them.  She even threatened to sue one of them after they fired her.  And now she could face an addition 10 years in prison.  



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