Friends Actually Followed Through on Pact to Get Married At 50 & Single

Two Friends Actually Followed Through on Their Pact to Get Married If They Were Both Single at 50


You know those deals people make where they say, "If neither of us is married by a certain age, then WE'LL get married"?  This might be the first time we've heard of two people actually going through with it.


A woman named Kimberly Dean and a guy named Ron Palmer dated in high school in St. Paul, Minnesota almost four decades ago, but after they broke up, they stayed friends.


And at one point, they made a pact that if they were both still single at 50, they'd get married.  They said it was a joke, but they kept talking about it.


Well . . . Kimberly is now 51 and Ron is 54.  They were both still single . . . although both of them had gotten married and divorced.


And last week . . . they followed through on their pact and got married.


Kimberly's daughter Kayla says she thinks they were always supposed to wind up getting married.  Quote, "People who are meant to be together will always find each other.  It may take 37 years, but it can happen." 



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