Phil Mickelson Sent Golf World into Hysterics Pulling Classic MiniGolf Move

Phil Mickelson Sent the Golf World into Hysterics By Pulling a Classic Mini-Golf Move


PHIL MICKELSON lost his cool at the U.S. Open on Saturday . . . and made a SEVERE error in judgment, by committing an EGREGIOUS breach of etiquette, that might tarnish his image FOREVER.  (???)


No, he didn't rip off his clothes and streak across the fairway . . . he just did what EVERYONE does when they get frustrated in mini-golf, after making a bad putt.  He putted it again before waiting for the first putt to stop rolling away.


Phil was on 13th green.  His putt missed wide right, and it started rolling downhill.  So, he ran over, and hit the ball . . . as it was still moving . . . back toward the hole.  He missed again.


In mini-golf, your friends usually look the other way . . . but in REAL golf this is apparently a heinous crime.


The rules call for a two-stroke penalty, so Phil took a 10 on the Par 4 hole.  He even later said that he pulled the stunt STRATEGICALLY, because he thought it would be even worse for him if he let it continue rolling away.


But the golf world is out for blood.  Some are saying he should be disqualified or withdraw from the tournament.  Others callPhil's actions an "embarrassment."  And the announcers even freaked out the minute he did it.

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