New Handheld Device Can Smell Your Body Odor

A New Handheld Device Can Smell Your Body Odor


This is a GREAT invention for anyone who worries they might smell bad . . . and an even better passive-aggressive gift for one of your coworkers who DEFINITELY does.


A Japanese company called Tania just started selling an electronic "nose" . . . that you wave around your body to find out if you STINK.


It looks almost like a pager with an extending arm, and it tells you how bad you smell on a scale of one to 10.


The device works by detecting the chemical compounds from your sweat glands that make you smell bad.


If you want one, they go on sale on Sunday . . . but you may have to hit up a Japanese website to get one for now, and we're not sure how much they'll cost.  


(Sora News 24

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