#Trending-Fri 7/06/18: How Many of Us Eat Fried Chicken Every Day?

It's National Fried Chicken Day! Do 6% of Us Really Eat It 365 Days a Year?


Today is National Fried Chicken Day.  But for 6% of Americans, that doesn't matter . . . because EVERY day is Fried Chicken Day.


A survey asked 1,000 people how often they eat fried chicken.  And 6% said they eat it EVERY DAY.  (Maybe their definition of "fried chicken" included things like chicken nuggets?)


30% said once a month or less . . . 22% said every couple weeks . . . 21% said about once a week . . . 22% said multiple times a week . . . and 6% said every day.


So if you add that up, it means 49% of Americans eat fried chicken at least once a WEEK.  Wow, no wonder our collective waistline keeps expanding.


The survey also found the most popular condiments to eat with it are barbecue sauce . . . hot sauce . . . ranch dressing . . . gravy . . . and honey mustard. 


And 71% of Americans think chicken-and-waffles are a good combo.


(National Today)



(Here's a list of fast food places with National Fried Chicken Day deals.)

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