#Trending-Tue 7/10/18: The Key to Having a Much Better Life Is....

Apparently the Key to Having a Much Better Life Is . . . Playing Music at Home?


Maybe sitting quietly at home in complete silence ISN'T anyone's idea of fun?


According to a new survey, apparently the key to having a much better life is as simple as playing music at home.


Check out these stats about people who listen to music at home . . . 


1.  They average three hours and 13 minutes more family time a week.


2.  They feel 87% happier than they did before they would play music at home.


3.  83% say chores are easier.


4.  50% say they like cooking more . . . and they spend 20% more time cooking with their significant other.


5.  And finally, they have 67% more sex. 


(Slipped Disc)

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