Build-a-Bear Shuts Down Its Pay-Your-Age Sale Because....

Build-a-Bear Shuts Down Its Pay-Your-Age Sale After Tons of Parents and Kids Cause "Madness"


Yesterday, Build-a-Bear Workshop ran a special sale where kids could get a bear for the price of their AGE . . . which is a great discount, since the bears usually run at least $20.


Unfortunately, it's summer, which means kids aren't in school and parents need something to do with them . . . so EVERYONE got the memo about the sale.


MASSIVE crowds showed up at Build-a-Bear stores all around the country.  We're talking hundreds or thousands of people at each location.


The stores started running out of inventory FAST and, according to reports, things were descending into, quote, "madness" . . . so they pulled the plug.


At around 11:30 A.M. Eastern they posted messages on their social media saying they were shutting down the promotion for, quote, "safety concerns." 


So naturally, the people who'd been waiting in lines for hours weren't happy at all . . . and now Build-a-Bear is getting trashed on Facebook and Twitter.  Never underestimate the passion you can inspire with a $4 teddy bear. 


(USA Today)

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