Drake's New Viral Dance Challenge. . . Jumping Out of a Moving Car?

Drake's New Viral Dance Challenge Is . . . Jumping Out of a Moving Car?


By now, you've probably seen the latest trend, "The Shiggy Challenge" . . . where you do a dance to the new DRAKE song "In My Feelings".  It was started by a social media celebrity who goes by the name of Shiggy.


Well, the latest twist on the Shiggy Challenge is to do it after STEPPING OUT OF A MOVING CAR.


That part of it might have been inspired by New York Giants receiver ODELL BECKHAM JR.  Although the car he hopped out of to do his dance was actually parked.


Whatever the case, kids are imitating him . . . and that's somehow evolved into getting out and dancing while the car IS moving. 


Some people have pulled off some impressive and dangerous moves, but it's also leading to some epic wipeouts. 


As far as we know, no one's died so far doing the challenge . . . but someone's gonna.  So, PLEASE, just sit this one out.


(Check out some videos of kids who bite it HARD.)



Barbara Kopylova@baabsxx

i almost died

7:56 PM - Jul 14, 2018

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12:41 PM - Jul 15, 2018

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