Trapeze Duo from "America's Got Talent" Explain Tuesday Night's Epic Fail

The Trapeze Duo from "America's Got Talent" Explain Tuesday Night's Epic Fail


In case you missed it, there was a pretty epic . . . and potentially dangerous . . . fail on "America's Got Talent"Tuesday night.


It was during a performance by Duo Transcend . . . a.k.a. married trapeze artists Mary Ellen Wolfe and Tyce Nielsen.  At the end of the act, they attempted a stunt where Tyce would try to catch Mary BLINDFOLDED.  He missed.


Mary fell to the stage . . . and there was no net.  Luckily, she wasn't injured, thanks to her training.


Tyce told "Entertainment Tonight", quote, "We've fallen so many times learning these skills.  Not to say that I wasn't worried, because I definitely was, but I also know that she's trained and knows how to go to the ground."


Mary said the trick for her was to tuck her head before she hit the ground so she wouldn't break her neck. 


As for why they messed up . . . for starters, the blindfold was new.  They wanted to "step up" their act for the show.  They each knew what to do and when to do it, thanks to both a music cue and a verbal cue from Tyce.


But Mary says they were getting a little TOO MUCH support from the crowd, which was so loud that she couldn't hear Tyce.  Also, they were using fire for the first time, which made them sweatier than usual.


Still, they say the trick worked fine when they practiced before the show.  


And it's all good, because they got through to the live rounds.


On TMZ yesterday, Mary and Tyce said they're still getting plenty of offers.  Mary also said she only got a small bruise on her back, and she's been hurt worse.

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