#Trending-Wed 7/25/18: Woman Wants to Change 4-Year-Old's Name Because....

A Woman Wants to Change Her Four-Year-Old's Name Because Now It's Too Common


There are LOTS of new parents out there trying to come up with a UNIQUE name for their baby.  So what happens if you come up with that perfect, one-of-a-kind name . . . and then, all of a sudden, it gets popular?


There's a woman who just posted on a parenting website about that dilemma.  Four years ago, she had a daughter and named her Esmee.  (Pronounced ez-may.)


She thought it was totally original, but lately, she's been seeing the name everywhere, including two other students in her daughter's upcoming grade school. 


And she might be on to something.  Even though her daughter's exact name "E-S-M-E-E" has never been in the Social Security Administration's Top 1000 names, "E-S-M-E" was the 923rd most popular girls' name in 2010 . . . and it's up to 585th in 2017.


So her solution is . . . she wants to change her four-year-old's name to something else.


Other parents on the site are trying to talk her out of it, since they say by the time a kid is four they've really gotten used to their name and started developing a sense of self around it.


There's no word on what the woman is going to do, or what new name she might pick. 



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