Woman Had Baby at Six Flags, Now They Both Get Free Visits for Life

A Woman Had a Baby at Six Flags, and Now They Both Get Free Visits for Life


If we see a huge influx of heavily pregnant women at theme parks this summer, this is why . . .


A lady went into labor at Six Flags Over Georgia's "Hurricane Harbor" waterpark on Monday.  So far, she's only been identified by her first name, "Crustina."  (That's not a typo.  Apparently her name's not Cristina . . . it's Crustina.)


It's not clear if she was there with her family or what . . . or if the labor was prompted by any wicked WATERSLIDES she went down.


But EMTs at the park helped deliver a baby boy named Matthew.  And Crustina is doing great.


 And now Six Flags is saying congrats by giving both of them "Diamond Elite Memberships" . . . which get them free visits to any Six Flags theme park for LIFE.


The park also released a statement wishing them a "lifetime of happiness, health, and many thrilling roller coaster rides together."  


(Fox5Atlanta / Newsweek / Fox News)

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