Retired Marine Saved Guy from a Fire, Saved His American Flag Too

A Retired Marine Saved a Guy from a Fire, and Saved His American Flag Too


"The Huffington Post" did a write-up on a retired Marine named Tucker Zimmerman, who's helping with the massive wildfire in northern California.


And their headline is all about how he's been using trailers to save people's horses.  Which is great.  Everyone loves horses . . . but he also saved a PERSON.


He drove through a neighborhood the other day where every single house was on fire.  And he got a guy out.


Apparently he pulled him from his house, and used a hose to keep the fire at bay until firefighters got there.  Then they took the guy away.


And here's a pretty cool detail.  It sounds like the guy he saved might be a veteran too.  Because apparently Tucker talked to the guy's wife before he got to the house.


And she asked him to save his American flag if he could.  So he made sure he saved that too before he left.


By the way, we're not trying to downplay the whole thing about the horses.  He's already saved DOZENS of them.  And one of the owners was extremely thankful.


The guy said it restored his faith in humanity.  And losing his horse would have been like losing a child. 


(Huffington Post / ABC7)

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