Cops Caught the People Who Stole a Shark and the Shark Is Alive

Update: Cops Caught the People Who Stole a Shark By Dressing It Like a Baby, and the Shark Is Alive


In case you missed this, on Saturday afternoon, three people stole a small SHARK from the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas by swaddling it like a baby and pushing it away in a stroller.


Well, there's some good news.  First of all, the cops managed to track down the thieves and they've been arrested for theft.


And second, thankfully, the shark is okay . . . and she's back in her tank at the aquarium.  The staff is observing her to make sure she's healthy.


Apparently one of the guys who stole the shark took her home and put her in his aquarium.  According to the cops, the guy was able to keep her alive because he, quote, "knew what he was doing."


Also, it turns out the shark's name is Miss Helen.  Maybe that last thing isn't an IMPORTANT development in the story, but it's one we're really glad we know. 


 (San Antonio Express-News)

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