The States That Love Dogs the Most

The States That Love Dogs the Most . . . Plus the One and Only State Where the Majority of People Don't Like Dogs


Americans love dogs.  Mostly.  There's one state that's like, "Nope."


A new survey asked people a simple question:  Do you love dogs?  And in every single state, the majority of people said yes.


Except for Nebraska.


Only 48% of people there love dogs.  Who hurt you, Nebraska?


The five states with the highest percentage of dog lovers are:  California . . . New York . . . Washington . . . Tennessee . . . and Florida.


 And the five states with the fewest dog lovers are:  Nebraska . . . Idaho . . . Maine . . . Vermont . . . and Rhode Island. 


(National Today) 


(Here's the percentage of dog lovers for every state.  Scroll down to the map and hold the mouse over each state to see its number.)

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