#Trending-Mon 8/27/18: All Alcohol Is Terrible For You . . . But....

All Alcohol Is Terrible For You . . . But It May Also Be the Key to Our Survival


We've got some bad news and good news today.  The bad news?  A new study found alcohol is TERRIBLE for you, like, even just a little bit.  The good news?  We may need to keep drinking it anyway, for the sake of the human race.


Some researchers at the University of Washington found that alcohol is truly awful for us . . . and killing millions of people a year.


They found the chemicals in alcohol . . . and the effects they have on us . . . are deadlier than we ever realized.  And if you've heard that having a glass of wine a day is healthy . . . yeah, the downside outweighs the potential benefits.


So the researchers say there's really NO healthy amount of alcohol you can drink . . . and the only way to get away from its EVIL effects is to cut yourself off completely.


THAT BEING SAID . . . an evolutionary psychologist in England just came out with a very different take:  Booze is the KEY to the survival of the human race.


He says that throughout human history, alcohol has been the key to our SOCIAL LIVES . . . it lowers inhibitions, it's fun, it helps people bond.  And our social abilities are a big part of why we evolved and became the most advanced species.


So in conclusion, keep drinking for the sake of humanity . . . even if that makes you a martyr. 


 (Bloomberg / Daily Mail)

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