Guy Finds Out His Buddy at Work Is His Biological Father

A Guy Finds Out His Buddy at Work Is His Biological Father


There's a truck driver in northwest Wisconsin named Nathan Boos who was adopted as a baby.  And he never knew who his real parents were, because he never asked.  (We're not sure how old he is, but he looks like he's in his mid-20s.)


His adoptive mom DID know who they were, but never told him.  Then she was scrolling through his Facebook page recently when she saw a photo of his biological dad on his FRIENDS LIST.  And it turns out he WORKS with him. 


The dad's name is Bob Degaro, and Nathan's known him for about two years.  They both work for a trucking company called Rock Solid Transport.  And Bob was also in the dark.  He had no idea Nathan was his son.


It turns out he and his ex-wife gave him up for adoption, because they were struggling financially.  And Nathan has two SIBLINGS he never knew about.


He's also getting married soon and says Bob's invited.  It sounds like he would have gotten an invite anyway.  But Bob joked that he might get a better seat now.  



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